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Who are we?

Founded as a satellite of Northwick Park Rotary Club in October 2020, and chartered in March 2021, we are a group of young, dynamic, driven, and diverse people of action. Our members are from all over the world including the UK, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, France, Italy, India, and many more.

Our areas of expertise cover several industries such as Computer Science, Robotics, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Accounting, Engineering, Administration, Wealth, Business Management, Tourism and Women Empowerment.

We are based in London, in District 1130. The LRPC club meetings are held online, via Zoom, twice a month, on a Tuesday and on a Thursday at 19:00 UK Time. However most of our volunteering activities and socials are held in London, in person. 

What makes us unique? Many of our members are based outside of London i.e. in Germany, Switzerland or Scotland but we fly-in to participate in our activities

We are on a journey of empowering each other. Together we can make a difference in our communities. Become a Member today!

Together we are Stronger

We believe that together we can make a small difference in the world. 

What does it mean to be a Passport Club?


We encourage our members to visit other clubs and participate in their club activities regularly.

Our main priority is service and social activities. 

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We are a little more relaxed with our attendance policy. However, we love active members.

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We don't follow many of the Rotary traditions. We create our own.

Our Members

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